Our Services

With you everyday, for simple solutions

If your computer is down, and you need some troubleshooting! We are at your disposal to solve your computer and electronic problems as soon as possible. Whether it is a Desktop or a laptop, a PC or a Mac, whether it is an Internet installation problem, or other devices, we intervene quickly and efficiently to help you find your machine as quickly as possible ready to go.

PC and Mac Computer Repair

Motherboard Repair

We ensure the repair of your laptop motherboard even in desperate cases. Motherboard failures are common failures on all makes and models of laptops. Graphics card failures are also frequent failures that result in persistent display problems even when the PC is plugged into an external display.

Among the motherboard failures :

  • A blue or black screen
  • A distorted and scrambled display
  • Power on restart failure
  • Unstable wireless network
  • Power connector or USB port failure
  • Shut Down after overheating
  • Shut Down after Payment of liquid ...

Cartridge Refill

Do not throw away your cartridges, we can refill them.

The price of printers has fallen sharply, but the price of consumables has exploded, to the point that the printing budget of some companies represents a significant sum of their turnover.

We refill your ink cartridge and toner for all types and brands of printer with high quality ink and toner.

A single cartridge can be used multiple times. It is cleaned, filled, tested and reused.

This approach allows a reduction of waste and you participate concretely in the protection of the environment.

Cellular and Tablet Repair

We offer a fast and guaranteed repair service for your cell phones and tablets (iphone, ipad, Smartphones, Samsung, LG, Sonny, Blackberry, ...). We intervene on several types of dysfunction:

  • Broken screen replacement
  • Touch screen repair
  • Power button replacement
  • Home button replacement
  • Load connector repair
  • Battery replacement